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Find out how Dementia Homecare can support you at home. 

Care in your own home

Many older people although living with dementia want to stay independent and active. Promoting independence is very important, which is where we are able to help provide whatever level of support you may need including:

  • Dressing, undressing, getting into and out of bed
  • Personal and oral hygiene, supporting with maintaining a neat and tidy appearance
  • Food preparation and nutrition advice
  • Housekeeping and maintenance services

Having support with daily tasks such as personal care, whether having a shower or dressing or assistance with meal preparation makes a big difference to quality of life and wellbeing. Our carers are highly trained and understand that personal care can be a very sensitive area for each individual. Our staff will take time to build up a close relationship and rapport with our clients, to provide a person-centred approach protecting dignity at all times.

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Our person-centred approach enables us to provide personalised care that:

  • Helps your loved one to remain safe and at home
  • Building confidence with encouragement to maintain daily living tasks
  • Help ensure that there is support with meals and to encourage healthy eating
  • Creates opportunities to have daily social interaction to help meet their stimulation needs
  • Enables confidence and self-esteem and can enhance physical strength
  • Supporting other family members to take time for a well-earned break

People living with memory loss or a diagnosis of dementia need to have support, encouragement and assistance to retain as much independence as possible to help them live fulfilled lives.  Early recognition of the need for support can help with daily routines and support those with dementia or memory loss to remain independent.

Whatever your needs are we can provide a service that makes it possible for you to live comfortably in your own home.  If you would like to discuss your needs or the needs of a loved one and would like to discuss our services, please contact us on the form provided in the contact section of this site.

 All our services are nurse-led, are informed by the latest research and are fully regulated by the  Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Live-in care

With our live-in support you are able to stay in your own home while a carer comes to live with you for support throughout the day and even during the night, should you need 24 hour care. Along with providing your one to one essential daily support they will also provide companionship. Our carer will fit in with your daily routine and assist with your social needs.

This may be because you are no longer able to do as much for yourself and need help with your personal care, cooking, mobility or even appointments. It may be the case that you have more complex needs that you require support with. Our live-in care is able to cater for all of these and we believe this is a cost-effective alternative to residential care and sustains the desire to remain at home.

Specialist Care:

We know that being diagnosed with Dementia can have a huge emotional, social, and psychological effect on both the person living with dementia and their family. Therefore, we ensure specialist care in the comfort of your own home.

    • Specialist care for Dementia stages
    • Advice on how family can support
    • Medication Management
    • Dementia friendly activities
    • Help communication
    • Managing conditions such as strokes, Parkinson’s and complex health conditions
    • Helping the elderly to self-isolate comfortably and safely
    • End of Life Care

Home Care and during Covid-19

  • During the current pandemic, it is vitally important for Dementia Homecare to provide for those who rely on their care, in a safe and sensible way. For all of those who currently work as Healthcare assistants’ recent weeks have forced a change in our healthcare processes in order to reduce any risk of infection to our clients. 
  • During the current pandemic, it is vitally important that we continue to provide for those who rely on our care in a strict and safe manner. 
  • Currently, the safest form of care is home care, which reduces the risk of cross infection from person to person.
  • Dementia Homecare will ensure that there is consistency and continuity with carers that attend your loved one. Carers are tested on a regular basis and will be provided with the correct PPE for the specific services required.


Respite Care

As we all know looking after someone on a 24 hours basis is a very hard task and at some point we all need that well-earned rest.

With this in mind, Dementia Homecare provides a Live in Respite service so you can go on that much needed break. This would be 24hr care providing for all your loved ones needs.

Please refer to the live-in section above for details of this service. Alternatively if you would prefer your loved one to go in a care home for their respite, please refer to Larchfield House, Care Home for more information.

Young Onset

Dementia Homecare also supports Young Onset Dementia.

Old age is not the only risk factor and 42,000 younger people are also living with the condition. They are likely to experience distinct challenges related to their stage of life – for example many will have financial dependents or young children. If this is you Dementia Homecare services are here to help with home visits and promoting use of Larchfield House’s day care services.

This can be very frightening for you and or your loved one and can disruptive your family life as you know it. We can provide the support you need to remain at home with your family to keep and promote your independence and your daily living needs. Keeping active and stimulated is crucial for keeping your mind and body active.

Our care packages will be centred around your needs including your hobbies and subjects of interest, we would also recommend visiting the day care facilities at Larchfield House to meet and share you experiences with other young people.

This includes: Arts and Crafts, Music sessions, manicures, gentle hand massage and the all-important exercise sessions.

Returning home from hospital

Recovering from an operation or fall will require extra support when you first arrive home. Dementia Homecare can support you through this recuperation period with a Nurse led team and any professionals that need to be involved.

We are able to help with:

  • Personal care
  • Physical needs
  • Daily monitoring of any symptoms and treatment needed
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Reassurance and emotional support

All our care is supported by our Person Centred Technology which works alongside the care provided. The system tracks nutrition, fluid intake, weight, care provided, mobility and more. This enables us to follow the progress of the individual to ensure that the care being provided is effective and responsive.

End of Life Care/Palliative

End of life care includes palliative care. If you have an illness that cannot be cured, palliative care makes you as comfortable as possible, by managing your pain and other distressing symptoms. It also involves psychological, social and spiritual support for you and your family.

This is a holistic approach, because it deals with you as a “whole” person, not just your illness or symptoms.

Dementia Homecare can support you with your wishes and needs, ensuring that you have comfort and are as pain free as possible.


Person Centred Software

Our PCS system is where all our support and care plans are created and held. The care plans are based on pre assessment meeting with you and or your family to discuss the support and care you need and plans are developed and updated on an ongoing basis. Each plan is based on a person centred approach and unique needs of every individual in our care. The system is able to monitor nutrition and fluid intake to make sure that these needs are being met. The carer records all tasks and activities with the client along with the recording and monitoring of any medication changes or needs.

Families are able to access the records through our Service users portal to see the care received on a daily basis to give peace of mind and assurance if you are not able to visit your loved one on a regular basis.

Our technology, PCS Software supporting and complementing our care:

  • Everyone involved in the Service Users care has instant access to the care information from the care plan to provide a person-centred and responsive approach.
  • If you do not live near your relative even on the other side of the world you are able to access the notes and information recorded on the relative portal.
  • Measuring the Service User’s wellbeing to provide a holistic approach to their care.
  • It reduces times spent of phone calls, report writing and accessing relevant information enabling for quality time with the Service User.
  • A member of the family with Power of Attorney or Deputyship can sign the agreed care plan digitally with out having a face to face meeting if suitable and if preferred.